How to Order

Whole Pies

Whole pies require a 48 hour notice, and orders must be placed by 4:00 pm. Please see the schedule below for order and pickup timing. 

$32 - $38

Thanksgiving Pies

How disappointing would your Holiday dessert table look without a perfect pie sitting on it? Pre-order yours now and take the stress out of your Holiday prep!

Pre-order now
Pie On The Fly

Ready when you are! The Pie Sampler features 2 slices of seasonal fruit, 2 slices of Butterscotch Bourbon, 2 slices of our custard/cream pies, and 1 slice of our pie of the month. Unfortunately, we cannot offer substitutions.  

Orders are taken over the phone, during business hours Tuesday through Sunday.  Unfortunately, we do not ship our pies. Please see the schedule below for order and pickup timing. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone.

Order Tuesday – Pick up Thursday •  Order Wednesday – Pick up Friday
Order Thursday – Pick up Saturday & Sunday •  Order Saturday & Sunday – Pick up Tuesday